2018-05-15 Lecture by Willem Adelaar
titled "Traces of pre-Hispanic contact between Mexico and the Andes. A multi-disciplinary view" will take place on May 23, 5 PM. Center for Research and Practice in Cultural Continuity, Faculty of "Artes Luberales", University of Warsaw, Dobra 72, Warsaw; room 9.



2018-05-13 Digital humanities workshop 07-08.06.2018.
The next ENGHUM workshop will take place on June 7 and 8, 2018. It will consist of a practical introduction to the subject of digital humanities and their role in revitalization.

The workshop will be lead by Eddie Avila, the current Director of Rising Voices ( It  will include an overview of case studies from the Americas, Africa, Asia and Oceania as well as a view towards how creating Wikipedia projects in various languages can be of use for indigenous communities. The final session will deal with the strategies of finding allies in the networked digital space.
Workshops will be held at the Faculty of „Artes Liberales” of the University of Warsaw, 72 Dobra Street, Warsaw (conference room).
The programme is available here.
If you would like to participate in the workshop please compete the enrollment form until May 24, 2018.

2018-04-05 Workshop: Ethnolinguistic Vitality: Origins, Meta-analyses & Future directions
The next ENGHUM project workshop will take place on April 11th through April 13th in Dobra 72, Warsaw. It will focus on the notion of Ethnolinguistic Vitality first proposed by Giles, Bourhis & Taylor (1977, “Towards a theory of language in ethnic group relations. In Howard Giles, ed., ‘Language, ethnicity and intergroup relations’, p. 307-48. London: Academic Press).

After introducing and charting the development of the concept, the workshop will explore the utility of the discussed notion for the “Language as a Cure” project on the second day. On the third day, the focus will shift to the connection between trauma and language loss as well as healing through revitalisation, based on the cases of the Nawat (Pipil) language from El Salvador as well as Nahuatl from Guerrero (Mexico).
The programme is available here.

2018-03-03 The issue of Wymysiöeryś language in the parliament of Poland.
On Thursday, March 1, 2018, the Committee for the National and Ethnic Minorities of the Polish Sejm decided to proceed the proposed amendment to the Act on National and Ethnic Minorities and Regional Language. According to the amendment Wymysiöeryś—the language of Wilamowice—would be officially recognized as a regional one. At the moment, such a status is enjoyed only by Kashubian.
2018-02-06 Müterśpröhtag in Wilamowice, 23-24 of February.
We are happy to invite you to celebrate the Mother Tongue Day in Wilamowice on 23-24 February 2018. The EngHum with the "Wilamowianie" Association prepared a interesting programme including lectures, workshops, debates, concerts and a theatre play “Ymertihła” performed in Wymysiöeryś.

HERE you can find the programme of this two-day event in Polish.





2017-12-29 Enrollment
for ENGHUM Workshop (6.02.2018) and Mother Tongue Day 2018 in Wilamowice is open until Januray 10, 2018.

Further information is available here.

2017-12-21 The movie about Wilamowice.
We proudly present the movie Bo dos ej mȧj śpröh (Because this is my language).

The film directed by Piotr Strojnowski talks about the town of Wilamowice and the revitalization of Wymysiöeryś, the endangered language that is spoken here. It is a story of friendship across generations, of love for the language, of big and small achievements, and of the dreams which have the power to overcome the trauma caused by post-war persecutions.

 “It doesn’t matter how many users a language has, how big the community is or where it is. We can and should save it.“


2017-12-03 Language Diversity Week - report
From November 13 to 18 Warsaw was the capital of unique languages. We proudly present relation from these events.

You can find whole report about Language Diveristy Week 2017 here. We wish you a pleasant reading. 

2017-10-26 Program Tygodnia Różnorodności Językowej - Language Diversity Week Programme:
Koncert, wystawy, warsztaty, konferencje. Zapraszamy na Tydzień Róźnorodności Językowej w dniach 13-18 listopada w Warszawie. Wszystkie wydarzenia bezpłatne. Na warsztaty dla dzieci obowiązują zapisy. Concert, exhibitions, conferences...

Szczegóły tutaj 

More informations here


2017-10-19 Centre for Research and Practice in Cultural Continuity
New international research entity established at the Faculty of “Artes Liberales” of the University of Warsaw.
The centre is a common initiative of the University of Warsaw, School of Oriental and African Studies (University of London), Leiden UniversityUniversity of Groningen and Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History in Jena. It is located at the Faculty of “Artes Liberales” where Dr. Justyna Olko, an ERC grant holder, along with her multidisciplinary team, carries out numerous interdisciplinary projects regarding the cross-cultural transfer between Europe and America, and the revitalization of endangered languages.
More informations here:
2017-10-10 Language as a cure - new project financed by the TEAM grant programme
Language as a cure: linguistic vitality as a tool for psychological well-being, health and economic sustainability. The project addresses social, cultural and economic challenges linked to the reduction of linguistic diversity as well as discrimination and trauma linked to language endangerment and loss among speakers of minority languages and migrants.

More information about the project can be found in the podcast/interview (conducted in Polish) with the project leaders: Justyna Olko and Michał Bilewicz.

2017-10-04 The Field School in San Miguel Xaltipan (Tlaxcala, Mexico) - report.
Among the participants of the School that was organized in a Nahuatl-speaking zone were native speakers of various variants of Nahuatl itself and speakers of other indigenous languages of Mexico including Yucatec Maya, Ayuuc and Mixtec. Numerous scholars working on language documentation and language revitalization as well as language activists from Mexico, El Salvador, the U.S., Poland, United Kingdom, Italy and Catalonia also gathered in San Miguel Xaltipan.

The 2017 Field School in San Miguel Xaltipan (Tlaxcala, Mexico), an event organized as part of the EngHum project with the participation of ‘Artes Liberales’ Faculty at the University of Warsaw, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) at the University of London, Leiden University and representatives of San Miguel Xaltipan took place between the 19th and 29th of August 2017.

Among the participants of the School that was organized in a Nahuatl-speaking zone were native speakers of various variants of Nahuatl itself and speakers of other indigenous languages of Mexico including Yucatec Maya, Ayuuc and Mixtec. Numerous scholars working on language documentation and language revitalization as well as language activists from Mexico, El Salvador, the U.S., Poland, United Kingdom, Italy and Catalonia also gathered in San Miguel Xaltipan. Activities scheduled for the duration of the School included workshops on language documentation techniques (audio and video recordings), data and metadata management, linguistic software used in language documentation and revitalization, design of pedagogical materials in language revitalization, etc. The School was also an opportunity for the exchange of experiences and making valuable contacts with fellow language activists working in language revitalization. Participants of the School had the chance to practice newly acquired skills during numerous workshops in a series of tasks assigned to them and involving documenting Nahuatl spoken in San Miguel Xaltipan, San Pedro Tlalcuapan and San Francisco Tetlanohcan. The programme of the School also included a number of academic and non-academic presentations on a range of topics in language documentation and revitalization strategies involving work with minority languages in Mexico, Central America, Africa and Europe. On the 25th and the 26th of August another edition of the Interdialectal Nahuatl Encounter took place. Several dozen of people gathered in Xaltipan in order to discuss a range of topics concerning the Nahuatl language and to do so in Nahuatl which was the language of communication during the Encounter. Nahuatl was also one of the working languages during the duration of the School beside Spanish.

 The event’s programme also included trips to two Nahuatl-speaking towns: San Miguel Tenango in the state of Puebla and San Pedro Tlalcuapan in the state of Tlaxcala. An excursion to the archeological sites of Cacaxtla and Xochitecatl were made as well. During the School several hundreds books in Nahuatl published by the University of Warsaw (the ‘Totlahtol’ series) were distributed free of charge to the Nahua people in San Miguel Xaltipan and in other Nahua communities located nearby.


Text: Elwira Sobkowiak

  Field School in Mexico - performance     Mexico School - books      


More photos here



2017-07-26 Programme of the field school in Mexico is avaliable.
The field school "Documentación, investigación participativa, enseñanza y revitalización de idiomas en peligro" in the Nahua-speaking community of San Miguel Xaltipan (Tlaxcala, Mexico) will take place August 19 - 29, 2017.

The purpose of the school is capacity-building in close collaboration with the local community, local knowledge-holders and members of ethnic minorities. Confirmed participating experts include knowledge holders from San Miguel Xaltipan, San Francisco Tetlanohcan and San Miguel Tenango, Natalio Hernandez (Nahua poet, writer and activist), Werner Hernández (psychiatrist, activist and teacher of Pipil/Nawat in El Salvador; expert on the revitalization of Pipil/Nawat) and Adam Coon (expert in Nahua culture and literature; University of Minnesota, Morris). Participants of the field school will visit other Nahuatl-speaking communities, including San Miguel Tenango and San Francisco Tetlanohcan.

Here you can find a programme of the event:

mexico programme

nahuatl programme

2017-07-10 Registration for EngHum Conference and pre-conference workshop is closed.
From 13th to 16th of November Faculty of Artes Liberales will host to important events: conference "Engaged Humanities: preserving and revitalizing endangered languages and cultural heritage" (November 15-16) and workshop planned just before the conference (November, 13-14). We would like to invite you to participate in these events. Registration is closed.

All information about activities you can find here.

In case of any questions concerning the organisation of the conference or workshop, please write:

2017-06-16 Temachtiltequitl huan macehualnehicoliztl, 19-29 agosto 2017
Pehuaz 19 tlen agosto huan tlamiz pan 29 tlen agosto tlen ni xihuitl, oncaz tlamachtiliztequitl pan San Miguel Xaltipan, Tlaxcala.

Tequitizceh zancecco tlamachtianih huan momachtianih tlen Europa huan macehualmeh ica macehualtlahtolyoltiliztli. No pan 25-26 tlen agosto oncaz nechicoliztli campa macehualmeh zanilozceh ica inintequiuh. Nican tlatzalan tlatzquitoc convocatoriah ica nahuatl tlen Tlaxcala.


More information


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