23 stycznia 2017

Mother Tongue Day in Wilamowice – guests from Hopgarten

18th and 19th of February was a time for a celebration of Mother Language Day in Wilamowice.Apart from lectures and presentations the programme of this event included several artistic performances: of “Wilamowianie” Assemble, recital of popular songs translated to Wilamowicean and arranged by Kamila Majerska, play “Uf jer Wełt” based poem written by Florian Biesik (the premiere took place in September 2016 during The Field School in Wilamowice).

The participants of the event also had an opportunity to listen and watch the performance given by assemble from Hopgarten (Chmel’nica in Slovakia) – residents of this town live on Spis from 14th century and managed to keep their language and culture.

It was an interesting meeting of two communities sharing their experience in maintaining language heritage, taking care of linguistic and cultural diversity.

Guests from Hopgarten described in details their visit in Wilamowice and Pisarzowice:

See photos from this event.