16 lipca 2018

The movie about ENGHUM Field School in San Miguel Xaltipan.

We proudly present the movie „Amo miquiz totlahtol” (Our language will not die.).

The film was made during the ENGHUM Field School in the Nahua communities of San Miguel Xaltipan, San Francisco Tetlanohcan, San Pedro Tlalcuapan and San Miguel Tenango, in the Mexican states of Tlaxcala and Puebla. The Field School was a collaborative meeting of native speakers of different variants of Nahuatl, speakers of other indigenous tongues of Mexico including Yucatec Maya, Ayuuc and Mixtec, and speakers of minority languages in Europe, as well as scholars, students and language activists from Catalonia, El Salvador, Italy, Mexico, Poland, the United States and the United Kingdom. Its broad focus included participatory research, capacity-building in language revitalisation, training in ethnolinguistic fieldwork, documentation of the linguistic-cultural heritage of participating Indigenous communities and the presentation and discussion of research in Nahuatl. Participants worked to raise the prestige and visibility of Indigenous languages, to foster communication between speakers of different variants of Nahuatl and speakers of different endangered languages, and to create practical materials for the teaching of Nahuatl.