5 kwietnia 2018

Workshop: Ethnolinguistic Vitality: Origins, Meta-analyses & Future directions

The next ENGHUM project workshop will take place on April 11th through April 13th in Dobra 72, Warsaw. It will focus on the notion of Ethnolinguistic Vitality first proposed by Giles, Bourhis & Taylor (1977, “Towards a theory of language in ethnic group relations. In Howard Giles, ed., ‘Language, ethnicity and intergroup relations’, p. 307-48. London: Academic Press).After introducing and charting the development of the concept, the workshop will explore the utility of the discussed notion for the “Language as a Cure” project on the second day. On the third day, the focus will shift to the connection between trauma and language loss as well as healing through revitalisation, based on the cases of the Nawat (Pipil) language from El Salvador as well as Nahuatl from Guerrero (Mexico).
The programme is available here.