8 listopada 2016

„Engaged Humanities in practice. Community-based language documentation, support and revitalization”. Workshop with Prof. Peter K. Austin

The workshop will take place at Dobra 72 (Collegium Artes Liberales) in the conference room on level -1. It will be conducted by Prof. Peter K. Austin, Marit Rausing Chair in Field Linguistics at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. His main resinterests are theory and practice of endangered languages documentation and revitalisation, Lexical Functional Grammar, morpho-syntactic typology, computer-aided lexicography and multi-media for endangered languages. He has also published on historical and comparative linguistics, typology, and Australian Aboriginal history and biography. He has extensive fieldwork experience on Australian Aboriginal languages and Sasak and Samawa from Eastern Indonesia. Here you find a programme of the workshop.