15 października 2018

A list of winners and finalists – a photography and film contest

We would like to thank all participants for their interesting works.

We present a list of winners and finalists in each category.


Here  you can see all photos mentioned below.


Category 60 seconds film:

1st Yu Lha (Yi Na), Khroskyabs Dialogue, China


Category Language and culture around me:

1st Amitava Chandra, Tunes & Dunes of desert, India

2nd Mark Levitin, Buoyi village, Russia

3rd Salar Arkan, Palangan (2), Iran



Shahab Naseri, Kurdish Nowruz, Iran

Partha Pratim Saha, Charak puja, India

Werner Hernández, HANDSOME, El Salvador


Category: Language and its people:

1st Sigita LapinaThe Livonian Language 2, Latvia

2nd Salar Arkan, Bisaran(4), Iran

3rd Mohammad Rakibul Hasan, Mro Language, Bangladesh

3rd Rajesh Dhar, Historic culture of Sanskrit education, India



Sudip Maiti, My sweet Bengali language, India

Morteza Heidarian Mehr, 3sole, Iran

Sujit Saha, Love for study, India


Category Here and now:

1st Andrzej Błoński, Elimelech(2), Poland

2nd Davoud Izadpanah, Women in rice paddy, Iran

2nd Pranab Basak, Happy Share, India

3rd Syed Mahabubul Kader, Paying respect in the Martyrs monument, Bangadesh



Morteza Heidarian Mehr, Aggregation, Iran

Andres Millan, Xu – Cosijopi, Colombia

Partha Pratim Saha, Kutia Kondh Tribe#2, India