Justyna Majerska-Sznajder

has graduated with a degree in Culture Management and from Ethnology at the Jagiellonian
University in Krakow. She is a PhD student at the Faculty of “Artes Liberales” at the University of
Warsaw. Since childhood, she has been involved in the revitalization of Wymysiöeryś culture in her
hometown Wilamowice. Currently, she is the president of “Wilamowianie” Association, which is
conducting many projects connected to cultural heritage, language documentation, and
revitalization. With other members of the Association, she seeks to organize new spaces for use of
the language and to create a living museum of local culture. She teaches Wymysiöeryś at the local
school and at the home. Her doctoral dissertation will concern the problem of local concepts of well-
being in Wilamowice and its influence on the vitality of Wymysiöeryś.

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